Separation Anxiety

by The Roaring Juniors

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"This Michigan band starts off with the strong power pop of 'Remember Love' and the garage styled 'Love, Love Love.' The mid tempo 'Riverside Shuffle' is another good diversion.

They take a harder turn on the instrumental 'Watch Cap Blues,' so Led Zeppelin fans will pay attention. Blues-rock classic 'Tobacco Road' is handled in a fuzzy way, but soon enough we’re back to the fast beats of 'Waiting On Me.' Taking influences from early R&B British bands like The Creation – the Roaring Juniors are a force to be recognized." - 7/10 - Aaron Kupferberg (


released June 2, 2014

Lyrics and Music by Ronnie Riggar, except "Roadways" lyrics by Daniel Drouhard / music by Daniel Drouhard with Ronnie Riggar, "This Little Thing" lyrics by Daniel Drouhard with Ronnie Riggar, and "Tobacco Road" lyrics and music by John D. Loudermilk

Performed by Ronnie Riggar, Daniel Drouhard, and Jeff Chmielewski

Produced by Ronnie Riggar
Recorded at Driverside Studio - Ann Arbor, MI in January/May 2014

Cover photograph by Ronnie Riggar
Band photography by Lindsay Chmielewski-Riggar


all rights reserved



The Roaring Juniors Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Roaring Juniors are a rock and roll band from Ann Arbor, MI.

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Track Name: Remember Love
If things are going wrong
It don't mean they'll never be right
Please remember I'll always be by your side

If your day's feeling long
and there's no end in sight
Please remember I'll always be home at night

Where's your love?
I'll help you remember love

If you're not feeling well
If you're ever feeling down
Please remember I'll always be around
Track Name: Love Love Love
I remember the first time I saw you
It was love, love, love
and from then on I always knew
it was love, love, love

You're there for me when I'm down
It is love, love, love
You remind me I don't have to be a clown
It is love, love, love

I know for sure
I'm in your heart
I know for sure
we'll never part

You always help me see the way
It is love, love, love
I fall for you every day
It is love, love, love
Track Name: Riverside Shuffle
It comes and it goes
but a love like ours no one knows
and it's true
I belong to you

I know you'll go
if I don't show my love to you
and it's true
I belong to you

I'll take you the places you wanna go
I'm telling you things you already know
Track Name: Roadways
You're not fit to mean anything to me
Fill my wounds with salt
Flirting with my faults

Manic, so high strung
Smoke fills up my lungs
Made to fit your bill
Swallowed every pill

Always movin'
Roadways don't toy with me
Always fooling around
Track Name: Tobacco Road
Lyrics by John D. Loudermilk
Track Name: There You Were
There's a few things I'll never forget
Like the day we first met
Like a eulogy for my past
A new sun shining at last

There's bad times I remember
Then you came along and made my life better
By offering a ticket you gave to me
a new life I needed desperately

And there you were
like a spring shower
You wash away the winter of my mind

All my burdens rest in peace
You are the only light I see
All the clouds have now passed
A new sun shined at last
Track Name: Waiting On Me
You can say you love me
I can say I love you too
It's getting late
and there you wait
I'm coming home

I know it's not worth it to be
at home just waiting on me
but I hope that you wont forget me

I know you've made other plans
I hope that you will understand
there's no place else I'd rather be

And if I'm running late
you should know I'll soon be home
And I'm sorry for the delay
You don't need to feel alone

I know you're committed to me
I don't ever need to worry
I know that you will wait for me
Track Name: This Little Thing
Come hear my plea for love
and some form of stability
I can't hardly breathe
Oh this little thing that circles me

So high off the ground
Once lost, never found
Got me spinning around

An endless sea
No hope, no time, lost sight of relief
Fell to my knees
Oh this little dream that smothered me

This little thing I call my love
It's all I've got to give to you

An aimless need for a home
that feels more comforting
It's easy to see
Oh this little thing that worries me

This little thing I call my love
I'm giving everything to you

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